Prayer Letter for August 15, 2011

Dear Machen Prayer Partners:

The conferences so far this summer have been excellent. I would invite you to praise the Lord with me for all that has transpired. In spite of the heat that most of the east has been suffering through, the biggest gripe the Science Camp campers had, was how cold it was of a morning. The Music Conference had the joy of studying the history of Church music, and singing original compositions. The glorious things could be continued for each of the conferences, but suffice it to say, “God’s providence has been especially enjoyable this summer.” Let us praise the Lord for His kindness unto the conferences.

First Petition: That the Lord would continue to bless the remaining conferences and retreats. Ask that he would bless them with safe travel for the attendees, with safety for all of the youth as they are their with their parents, with spiritual growth resulting in an ingathering of people to their congregations, and with the special joy of being apart from the world with believers in the presence of their Lord.

We also need to praise the Lord for the work group which came in July from Little Farms, MI. They did an excellent job, and accomplished much. Kenley Leslie, MRCC’s Maintenance Manager said that he would certainly like to have them back. Due to their work, we have room for another family unit to stay in one of the split bunkhouses.

Second Petition: That the Lord would bless and guide the Retreat Operating Committee as it begins making plans for the conferences in 2012. Circumstances have changed for some who have cooked for conferences, for some who have been organizing conferences for years, and all of the possible and probable changes will require a great deal of wisdom.

We should give great praise to the Lord, for those who have already signed up for the remaining conferences. God’s providence is a special encouragement to the organizers.

Third Petition: That the Lord would peculiarly bless the giving of this year, and the development of the budget for next year, as we may be facing some expenses just to maintain everything the way it is.

I have promised not to overload these letters with petitions, and I want to keep my word, even though there are many other specific petitions which could be added, as well as a growing list of praise items.

Here is a list of the remaining conferences for 2011. – You can contact the Organizer, whose email addresses is with the conferences below, or the Interim Director,, if you have additional questions.

  • Labor Day Conference – September 2 – 5 – Speaker: Henry Krabbendam –Organizer: Mike Delozier.
  • Fall Singles Retreat – October 7 – 9 – Speaker: Boyd Miller — Organizers: Harry Kinney & John Drum.
  •  Ladies Retreat – October 14-15 – Speaker: Kim Jernigan – Organizer: Karen Jones.

You and your prayers for MRCC, are appreciated. Please continue to undergird this work with your prayers.

In Him,
John Jamison,
Acting Director, MRCC