An overview of annual conferences and events:

  • Annual Home Missions Conference – The annual Home Missions Conference  follows  the  theme of helping members of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) – and guests –   to see more clearly what they can do to help existing mission works and what role they might play in starting a new OPC congregation.
  • The Young Adult Conference – designed for high school seniors through those in their mid-twenties, provides the opportunity to learn of the battle (and have questions answered if they are already experiencing the battle). The Young Adult Conference has covered topics like a survey of Presbyterian Church History, Apologetics, Cultural Confrontation, and Biblical Authority.
  • Science Camp is designed for young people between the ages of 10 and 16 – with an emphasis of “hands on” scientific inquiry.  A primary focus is helping the campers to understand that God created the world with intricate and precise detail and created us in His image with minds that can understand this design and see His glory revealed in it.
  • Fulfilling the Lord’s command to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth should always be on our minds. We seek to do just that with the annual Foreign Missions Conference. Our goal is to have missionary speakers who are actively serving, as well as missionaries on furlough.
  • The Labor Day Family Conference addresses topics of interest to Christian families.  Each year the topic is different, but always edifying. As its name implies — it is always held over the Labor Day weekend — beginning on Friday evening and ending on Monday noon.
  • The Fall Singles Retreat is unique opportunity for single Christians to enjoy fellowship and sound Biblical teaching in the natural beauty of Highland County, Virgina.
  • The annual autumn Ladies Retreat is hosted by the women of Staunton Orthodox Presbyterian Church. It is always scheduled for the second full weekend in October, which is usually when the fall color is at its height but is still warm enough in the evening to enjoy a campfire and star gazing.

Other Conferences

From time to time, there are Other Conferences such as Music Conferences, Ministry Conferences, and Diaconal Conferences. Additionally there are ideas being considered by other OPC and Presbytery groups. In addition to these conferences the Retreat Operating Committee (ROC) has considered having a Ruling Elders Conference, a Christian Education Conference, a Church History Conference and camping for youths that are too young or too old for the Science Camp.