Foreign Missions Conference

Fulfilling the Lord’s command to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth should always be on our minds. We seek to do just that with Foreign Missions Conference. Our goal is to have missionary speakers who are actively serving, as well as missionaries on furlough.

Doug Clawson

Doug Clawson

The topic varies year to year because of the large nature of missions work.

One year, Doug Clawson the General Secretary for Foreign Missions spoke on the need of Missions in the life of the Church.  Another year the long history of the OPC missions in Eritrea was recounted by General Assembly Stated Clerk (retired) Don Duff. Phil Procter has provided an in depth look and the educational work in Uganda.

This conference is designed for your whole family to become involved in the work of Foreign Missions. The second week of August is usually warm, but not too hot.

Because of the unpredictable schedules of most missionaries, we cannot say who will be speaking yet. However, there will definitely be one or more missionaries present at the conference.