Home Missions Conference

News of national events sometimes make us question “What has happened to our nation?” Often the best answer is right before us — we need more strong Orthodox Presbyterian Church congregations where the truth of the gospel has not been compromised.

The annual Home Missions Conference has a two-pronged approach to its emphasis.

(1) helping the members of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church to see more clearly what they can do to help existing mission works, and what role they might play in starting a new OPC congregation

(2) helping people who are not currently members of the OPC but are thinking that they might be interested in starting an OPC mission work to understand what is involved.

At previous conferences numerous home missionaries have spoken about the joys and trials of the work of starting a local congregation; they have come anywhere from Florida to Michigan. Often the question is: have the other attendees been as much of an encouragement to the home missionaries, as the home missionaries have been to them?

This is always the first conference of the summer season. It has always been much enjoyed, and helps the whole family become involved in this outreach. But know this: western Virginia nights can be quite cool in early June! Some would say cold, so be sure to bring warm clothes.