Other Conferences

Some of the conferences which occur at the center only happen occasionally. From time to time, there are Music Conferences, Ministry Conferences, Diaconal Conferences. Additionally there are ideas being considered by other conferences.

The Music Conference always has a period of time devoted to the history of Church Music, as well as choral practice, and time just spent playing hymns and singing. This occurs about every two years or so. You should watch for it.

The Deacon Conferences always depend upon the expresses interest, and the willingness for someone to step forward to organize it. It provides a time for Deacons to share what they are doing as ministries of mercy in their local community, and to be once again overwhelmed by the responsibility that is placed upon them in the word of God.

The Ministry Conference depends upon the availability of a conference organizer, and the expressed interest in a particular topic. Since topics arise rapidly and have a short life span, these conferences are not held very often. It is possible that in the future this conference will occur more often, until it becomes an annual conference.

The Diaconal Conference was held for two or three years running, but with the General Assembly Summit Conference it has not been being held. However, at recent presbytery meetings, there has been the presentation of a need for smaller area Diaconal Conferences. It is possible that it will be revived, but only for years when there is no Summit Meeting.

In addition to these conferences the Retreat Operating Committee has considered having a Ruling Elders Conference, a Christian Education Conference, a Church History Conference and camping for youths that are too young or too old for the Science Camp.

Listen to audio from the 2011 Music Conference.

Listen to audio from the 2010 and 2011 Ministers Retreat.

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