Young Adult Conference

The transition from high school to college to being part of the work force is not easy, especially in the cultural environment the youth of today face. So many different “isms” are competing, and they all wear an outward appearance of beauty, ease, and untold benefit! However in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, our youth are immersed in a biblical world view by which they are able to make it through the rapids of change. Additionally, they gain special benefit and encouragement when getting together with their friends, and hearing from folks other than their parents and pastor about the intellectual battles they will have to face.

The Young Adult Conference, designed for high school seniors through those in their mid-twenties, provides them with the opportunity to learn of this battle (and have questions addressed if they are already experiencing!). The Conference has covered topics  such as: a Survey of Presbyterian Church History, Apologetics, Cultural Confrontation, and Biblical Authority. Besides having a strong intellectual character, the conference has provided an opportunity for the youth to strengthen each other as they build bonds of friendship.

At previous conferences, attendees have tackled cave exploration, as well as long walks over the property for silent contemplation of their lives, and the greatness on God. Being held usually during the third week of June, the conference allows everyone to be out of school, and ready for a special time.