Current To Do List for Work Groups

  1. Finish trim in bathrooms.
  2. Fix corner molding and tighten loose plastic wall covering in kitchen.
  3. Tighten loose plastic wall covering in both bathrooms, kitchen and wash room.
  4. Finish the roof over entrance sign.
  5. Fix roofing under deck.
  6. Add trim around vents in bunkhouses 2 and 3 and beams in 1, 2, 3.
  7. Cover meter bases with small pitched roof to protect meter and boxes from weather.
  8. 30+ tree stumps need to be removed.
  9. Repair screen holes in summer bunkhouses.
  10. Clean range hood filters.
  11. Clean around BBQ pits.
  12. Refinish shelves in shower stalls.
  13. Trim and baseboard in office.
  14. Polyurethane on walls in summer bunkhouses.
  15. Clean up downed limbs from areas that could be mowed.
  16. Move stone to wash out at lower end of upper culvert.
  17. Repair shooting range and clean up down trees around it.
  18. Clean debris limbs from around tent sites.
  19. Fill dirt or gravel around square aerator tanks at end of field.

Last updated: January 2014.