Science Camp – Rules

Rules for summer camp:
Every camper needs to obey all curfews and boundaries at all times. For your safety a counselor should always know where you are.

A camper will not play near or in the water.

Campers should not destroy, torture or damage the wildlife (plant or animal) or camp property. Do not interact with wildlife without adult supervision.

No cards, video games, cell phones, or music playing devises. Outdoor play and board games are acceptable.

The camp has designated Boy zones and Girls zones, thou shall not go into the zone of the opposite gender.

No throwing of knives, hatchets, rocks… etc.

If you are going to bring a knife, the blade must be less than 5 inches.

Take care of God’s creation. If you see trash, pick it up. Do not throwyour trash on the ground and you must ask permission before burning an object to dispose of.

Shoes must be worn at all times (except in cabins and showers).  Flip-flops are allowed for showering time only.

Campers will obey camp counselors and directors at all times.

No form of weapons allowed including guns, toy guns, slingshots, large knives, bows etc.

Campers must wear modest clothes. No underwear showing.

Do not bring extra food or snacks. It will attract wildlife in unwanted ways.

All medicines must be turned in to the camp nurse.

No drugs, magazines, fireworks or aerosol cans (including bug spray).

Campers may only light fires under adult supervision.

No foul language, bullying, inappropriate or negative comments/attitudes.