He is risen!

As I reflect on our beloved Machen Retreat Center, I think of two parallel tracks. One is of Machen itself, full of life and the Lord’s creation but mostly empty this past year. However, by God’s grace and in His time, He has now led us to create vaccines and healing therapies. Our states and nation are recovering, and Machen will also open again. The camps and retreats might be a little smaller at first, and maybe fewer of them, but they will open, and God’s love will be shared and delighted in by His people

The other track is the story of God’s rescue of sinners, His calling a people for His Name’s sake. At a time of year when we think especially of the last days of Jesus, His crucifixion, death, and resurrection, we are both humbled by and rejoice in God’s punishment of His own Son for our sins. Through His obedience, even to death on the cross, Jesus overcame the world (John 16:33). Because of this He now gives us new life, and we can overcome our sin and delight in Him. Just as with Machen’s recent history, being ‘dead’ and now ‘alive,’ our Lord has and does call each of us to delight in Him and His world.

Pray for us at Machen, and come if you can that we might enjoy the beauty of God’s world together.

Love in Christ,
Bennett Wethered
Director of Machen