Why Should I Come to a Singles Retreat?

As the speaker invited to the upcoming Singles Retreat, I will be emphasizing the concept of seasons of life, a phrase figuring prominently in Ecclesiastes 3. For some, the season of singleness is lived out with the (hopefully) short-lived anticipation of marriage; for others it might be a wise or necessary choice dictated by specific circumstances of life, either for a specific or indefinite period of time. For some, singleness is not a season they have chosen for themselves at all, but one dictated by God’s providence. Thus the only thing that all singles would have in common is that they are, well…single.

Singles Retreat 2019

So why should you come to a singles retreat? No one answer can suffice. Perhaps you want to meet other singles in the hope of identifying someone whom you believe God would have to marry. Perhaps you want to meet and befriend others in the mutual enjoyment of fellowship with those who are not married. Perhaps you want to benefit from the relevance of biblical teaching and constructive interaction and conversations that aren’t necessarily focused upon the typical subjects relating to marriage and family life. Perhaps you just want to get away to a beautiful place unspoiled by light and noise pollution. Whatever the reason, I hope you can find your way to MRCC on Oct.1-3! If you are a pastor, please encourage your singles to do so, whatever their circumstances might be.

With four formal sessions, I plan to preach at the opening and closing segments while engaging in interactive and conversational teaching opportunities the other two. There will be time for questions and for thinking out loud. My goal will be to stimulate the mind of those come, helping them not only to embrace their current season of life with contentment and hope but also to be well prepared for whatever seasons might remain ahead.

Scott Willet, Pastor
Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church (Mount Airy, NC)

Scott Willet, Pastor