Machen waits upon the Lord . . . . . and He provides!

Hello, friends of Machen!
This year, Machen Retreat & Conference Center has been ‘waiting upon the Lord,’ a common call in Scripture. The Lord has provided for Machen, despite the cancellation of several conferences due to the pandemic, and we continue to wait upon His providence. We needed to replace a broken lawn mower, and He brought a donor to meet that need. We needed a new deck on the main lodge; He provided not only donations for materials, but also enthusiastic and able volunteers. We are replacing the old, metal bunkbeds, and He is providing people to donate funds for them. As we plan Machen’s 2021 schedule and future projects, we wait upon what He will bring.

Two thousand years ago, God’s people had been waiting upon the Lord, for hundreds of years, to fulfill His promise of a Messiah. They waited, and He blessed that waiting in the birth, the incarnation of the Son of God, who came as the baby Jesus. All of the hopes and desires of God’s people were and are fulfilled in our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us now, as always, follow our Lord’s teaching and obey His commands, as we wait upon what He will bring us in His providence. It will be better than we can imagine!

-Rev. Bennett Wethered
Director, Machen Retreat and Conference Center